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This is an aqueous-based liquid inoculant, formulated with specific nitrogen fixing bacteria: Bradyrhizobium japonicum, in over 1 billion/ml of inoculant.

Produced in a cutting-edge technology lab, Fullbacter has the highest concentration of bacteria in the market — 1x1010 CFU/ml — with APM, the built-in protector, allowing an 18-month lifespan.
Under appropriate environmental conditions, this concentration ensures a sufficient number of bacteria per soybean seed at inoculation, which means a good nodulation in primary and secondary roots and, therefore, an excellent fixation of nitrogen. It contains additives for cell viability extension inside the packaging and for the protection of bacteria during the critical period between inoculation and sowing.

AGROINVEST has developed a completely aqueous inoculant, with built-in bacterial protectors providing resistance to high temperatures and desiccation. This inoculant can be applied directly with the seeds to the soil at sowing, causing no obstructions.

The highest concentration of Nitrogen Fixing Bradirhizobium in the market —1x1010 CFU/ml— with APM built-in protection, allowing an 18-month lifespan.

Boost your crops starting by the roots

Quality control
FullBacter Soybean

Box containing two 2L bladders of inoculant.

Soybean Combo

Box containing one 2L bladder of inoculant + one 1L bladder of fungicide.

Soybean Combo + Metalaxyl

Box containing one 2L bladder of inoculant + one 1L bladder of fungicide + 250cc of Metalaxyl.

PGPR Combo

Box containing one 2L bladder of inoculant + one 2L bladder of PGPR + one 1L bladder of fungicide.

FullBacter Wheat/Oat/Barley

Box containing two 3L bladders of inoculant.

FullBacter Wheat/Oat/Barley Combo

Box containing one 3L bladder of inoculant + one 2L bladder of fungicide.

FullBacter Maize

Box containing one 3L bladder of inoculant.

FullBacter Sorghum

Box containing one 3L bladder of inoculant.

FullBacter Sunflower

Box containing one 3L bladder of inoculant.


Fungicide composed of Thiram Carbendazim. 30/30.

Triple Technology

Fullbacter Premium

This is a more concentrated and stable formula, which allows a higher Fixation of Nitrogen and resistance over the seed.

APM Technology

This is a bacterial vinyl protector that provides greater bacteria viability that, as it is built-in in the package, allows to preinoculate seeds.

ISED Technology

This is a stimulating signal inductor and defense technology.

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